Privacy Policy for the National Conservation Easement Database (NCED)

This privacy policy applies to all information collected by NCED via our web site(s).

What information we collect on this site

NCED is a public resource for sharing and reporting on information related to conservation easements. As such, some or all information provided by users (unless flagged as “private”) is made publicly available immediately following submission. NCED is authorized by its users to post and share information which is provided to it.

In addition to project-specific data, users must provide some personal information to download data from NCED specifically their name and e-mail address. This information may be used to contact you regarding the accuracy of your project information or to provide you with updates related to ongoing development of NCED.

We may also collect any and all information and statistics about connections to our Web site. We use this information to enhance the user experience on our site and to identify usage patterns in our efforts to improve usability and feature offerings.

Whom we share it with: Authority and access to release, suppress or hide user information is restricted to authorized personnel (including but not limited to project data administrators, site developers, and NCED staff) only with the following clarifications:

E-mail addresses

User e-mail addresses are not shared with any outside entity or made available for sale or rent. Contact by other NCED users is initiated by the user via a “blind” e-mail link which gives the intended recipient the ability to respond directly to the sender.

Financial data

Financial information provided by users and related to conservation efforts is gathered to help define the scope and focus of specific conservation efforts and/or the motivations for such efforts. Users are not required to provide such information, but are encouraged to share this information.


We recognize that some location information should or may legally be required to be suppressed to protect the nature of the conservation effort (e.g., endangered species protection) or for other reasons. Users are given the ability to suppress specific locations at the time of data entry. It is the user’s obligation to ensure that any information that should or may legally be required to be protected. If this option is requested, the location will not be shared with the general public or other users of NCED. However, location information will be used broadly in the calculation of aggregate reports without specific details as to the exact location.

Opt-Out Options

If you do not want to receive future contact from NCED, you may opt out by changing your user preferences or sending your request via e-mail to .


Questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be addressed by sending an e-mail to Kassandra Kelly, Project Manager at or by mail to The Conservation Registry, c/o Defenders of Wildlife, Northwest Office, 1880 Willamette Falls Drive, Suite 200, West Linn, OR 97068.

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