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Creating and Generating Reports on Easement Data

The NCED Portal provides users with the ability to view summary reports on easement data by state. Directly on the homepage, users have the ability to select a state from a drop down list under the “NCED State Reports” option. Once a user selects a state, they will be able view pie and bar graphs of the easement attribute data, including easements by holder type, landowner type, purpose, accessibility (public, restricted, seasonal, etc.), acquisition date, and easement holder name.

In addition, on the left hand navigation bar available on each page, the “advanced search” tool gives portal users the ability to create customized or advanced searches on any of the easement attributes and/or geospatial components available in the portal. Once a logged-in user runs a search, the user will presented with options to download the search result data – up to 1,000 records – in CSV or Shapefile format.